Injectable Adhesive Anchor Epoxy Mortar for Rebar and Threaded rod Concrete Anchoring

Chemical anchoring is a technique that allows you to fasten to concrete and similar substrates. The process uses a chemical reaction between the substrate and the fastener, which provides more flexibility than mechanical anchors.

Chemical anchoring is used in many industries, and it’s especially helpful in construction. It can be used to fasten rebar, threaded rods, and bolts in structural works; to fix ducts in mechanical works; and to fasten handrails, rails, window frames, and door frames as metal works.

Chemical anchoring is used to provide support for lintels, stiffeners, or columns. Epoxy adhesive anchoring systems are used to anchor rebar into concrete structures. Drill bit size is dependent on the rebar being anchored into a structure.

For video Clarification, Please check Horse Epoxy Chemical concrete anchoring solution

Where to Buy in Philippines

Horse Concrete Injection Anchoring Epoxy is available at

Horse HM-500 is a two-components modified chemical epoxy resin adhesive that is vacuum sealed inside a very high grade plastic tube. HM-500 has a double cartridge package(part A=Epoxy Resin and part B=Solidifying Agent 3:1 Ratio)that can be used by injecting the chemicals into hole using a dispenser or caulking gun.

  • Quality Assurance – Certified by multiple International Standards
  • Performance equivalent to top leading brand for injectable epoxy
  • High Performance / High strength / Strong Cohesion / Good Toughness
  • Excellent thixotrophy – Can be used for side and overhead fixings
  • Pure modified epoxy resin, no styrene
  • Aging resistance / Thermal and Heat resistance / Moisture resistance
  • Acid & alkali resistance / Seismic resistance, no expansion forces
  • Stable in humid and damp environment
  • Can be used for cracked and uncracked concrete
  • Vacuum sealed packaging, No bubble, Accurate mix ratio
  • Suitable for project with designed period of over 50 years and above
  • Passed 12 months resistance testing period under GB50728-2011 standards
    Resistance testing : Humidity, Freeze-Thaw, Fatique Strees, Long Term Stress and etc.
  • Installation and fixing of steel bars and bolts in concrete structure
  • Fix load using threaded rod to serve as anchor bolt
  • Reinforcement for curtain wall & bracket fixings
  • Building structure reinforcement & framework anchoring
  • Anchoring structural connections for steel, columns, beams, slab and etc.
  • Retrofitting solution for structural buildings and etc.
  • Fastening solution for various machine equipment
  • Reinforcement solution for highway, bridges, water conservancy projects rebuilding and etc.