Differences of Chemical Anchoring and Mechanical Anchoring

Chemical Anchoring
1.      Wide combination of bolt diameter, length and grade
2.      Most effective to multiple kinds of concrete based foundation
3.      Safe to apply with minimal edge distancing
4.      Bolt applied to drilled hole will be air tight and water proof
5.      Load stress is evenly distributed to the bolt’s embedment depth
6.      Anchoring load capacity can be increased by adjusting the diameter of bolt, drilled hole and embedment length
7.      Flexible setting parameters, can be adjusted based on the required diameter and length
Mechanical Anchoring
1.      Pre-defined bolt size variations
2.      Most Effective to hard concrete based foundations
3.      Cracking or failure of concrete will occur for minimal edge distancing
4.      Bolt applied to drilled holes will corrode due to hollowness
5.      Load stress is focused directly on small expanded point
6.      Fixed anchoring load capacity
7.      Cannot be used if setting parameters like hole and depth are incorrect even with slightest dimension changes
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