Galvanized IronFlat Head Screw

Flat Head Screw is a type of screw that are generally used for the screws made for drywall and plasterboard. The form of this screws offers similar to a flat screw head however, below the surface of the head, it has an angle which enables in decreasing the damage to the surface. Drilling of pilot holes are not required due to the fact they are self-drilling. Stress is given away over a wider area in comparison to flat screws due to their specific form.
Flat head screws provide a smooth, flush finishing that works nicely for a huge scope of applications.
bugle head screws are typically used to fasten drywall to woods or steel studs, in addition, they are also provide the flexibility to be used in several structural constructions fastening project and a number of different applications.

As with other types of self-drilling screws, Flat screws are simple to use. They put off the urge to drill to have extra pilot holes, which saves time and effort. Another key of bugle head screw gain is they can sufficiently press down the surface of wooden material without breaking it, which to compromise the damage of the finished product.

Flat head screws are available in Phillips, slot, torx and square drive types. Overall, Phillips flat head drywall screws provide the fine performance and fastest installation with dependable results.

Material Used: Made Of Steel

Coating: Galvanized Iron